Fessura Tank: i sandali imperdibili per Agosto

Fessura Tank: the must-have sandals for August

August is a month that always holds many surprises, and Fessura sandals are a must-have accessory to tackle its wonders.

July now gives way to August, a month that always holds many surprises and prepares us for the start of new adventures. Here, then, is the need for ad hoc shoes for its wonders. Or, even better, sandals.

Sandals are nothing new 2023: they have always represented the quintessential shoes of summer. Yet, the Fessura Tank, marked by a glam flavor, still turn out to be a must-have accessio and versatile enough to be flawless at the beach and in the city.

Present in both "Low" and "High" versions, they are able to please anyone's taste. Indispensable for days at the beach. Iconic for running to aperitifs after clocking out. Ideal for those who go and those who stay.

What are you waiting for? Visit fessura.com and don't miss them!