Energia, creatività e innovazione: Fessura parteciperà alla serie televisiva ByDesign

Energy, creativity and innovation: Fessura will participate in the TV series ByDesign

Fessura announces its participation in "ByDesign", an internationally renowned series with a focus on innovation. The program's judges include Karim Rashid.
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Fessura is proud to announce its participation in "ByDesign", an internationally acclaimed television series whose goal is to bring energy, creativity and innovation to the screens of the CBS, one of the main US networks.

After each episode, the expert jury, composed of leaders in the design industry, will decide which innovations will advance to the "TOP 10". At the conclusion of the final episode, the season's outstanding European innovation will then be determined.

The participation in the Mike Chapman's program is a great achievement: high-caliber figures have participated, including, for example, Richard Branson, one of the world's greatest entrepreneurs. His presence on the show was on the occasion of his latest project in the making, the Virgin Hotel in New York.

Conducting the interview for the shoot was judge and presenter Karim Rashid, one of the most prominent voices in design today. In fact, he counts more than 400 awards won during his career, including the American Prize for Design Lifetime and the Achievement award. In addition, his works can be admired everywhere, MoMa museum included.

The choice of Karim as interviewer was not accidental: there has been a fruitful collaboration in the past, in which Fessura's experience and expertise were combined with the designer's flair and genius.
This experience was a way to meet again and to talk about the iconic projects done together. Without a doubt, Karim Rashid was the best person to tell the story of the mix of innovation and tradition that lives in the brand.

The release of the program will coincide with the beginning of a new challenge: entering the U.S. market through the launch of the new fessura.us platform.