SLOT TECHNOLOGY® provides a midsole that features a series of ‘SLOTS’ slots designed with varying volumes and depths to give superior rebound. This technology simultaneously absorbs and releases energy ensuring unprecedented performance. The system also provides a high level of cushioning. Whether you are facing a race or simply urban chaos, this shoe is designed to offer an unparalleled experience.



It is the shoe that involves the end customer in its creation. The system designed to assemble it does not involve the use of machinery, glue or stitching: the concept is really simple and, at the same time, ingenious. The sole remains the constant base of the shoe, while the upper, a metre-long elastic band, fits into the SLOTS in the sole itself, allowing the shoe to be created manually and easily.



With SOCKS, FESSURA becomes the spokesperson for deconstructed footwear, kick-starting a trend that has become global and greatly influencing the way trainers are designed and made. The SOCKS second skin effect technology embraces the foot following its lines, combining practicality and a new sense of glamour. The upper can be worked in one piece, greatly reducing the amount of waste associated with normal cutting and stitching techniques.
Furthermore, the transversal design and geometric cuts make FESSURA SOCKS® suitable for every occasion and able to offer a new experience of comfort and easy wear thanks to their slip-on system.


CEO & Founder - Andrea Vecchiola