Scopri la nuova Capsule Collection “FESSURA x 500E”

Discover the new Capsule Collection "FESSURA x 500E"

"FESSURA x 500E" is our new project in partnership with FIAT500. The Capsule Collection perfectly reflects the attitude of constant research of contemporary concepts for our sneakers.

Don't miss the Capsule Collection that has come to life thanks to the shared values of innovation, technology and sustainability between FIAT and FESSURA.
Tailored textures, details and colors inspired by the liveries of the Turin icon are just some of the features that go to embellish this very unique project.

RUNFLEX® 500E is a shoe that can fuse design with technological excellence-it is the perfect example of functional fashion. The sneaker is distinguished by our patented REFLEXSYSTEM®, designed to offer a new movement experience, in which four pads absorb and release energy at different points on the foot, according to the principles of reflexology. The material used is XL's extrabounce EXTRALIGHT®️.

Don't miss your chance! You have a short time to discover RUNFLEX® 500E and the quantity of sneakers is limited!