Il lancio della nuova Runflex® è anche su Itsliquid , Fessura Italia , Fessura

The launch of the new Runflex® is also on Itsliquid

Itsliquid launches the Must Have Fessura for the FW22/23 season, now available at

FESSURA RUNFLEX® is the sneaker of complex simplicity, capable of mixing current aesthetics with technological excellence. Intended for running and leisure, the shoe stands out for its linear and dynamic design: functionality becomes unique and innovative.

The active stance is defined by the patented REFLEXSYSTEM®, designed to offer a new movement experience. The secret is in the structure of the sole, in which four pads are able to absorb and simultaneously release ENERGY in different areas of the foot according to the principles of REFLEXOLOGY: it will be like recharging with every step.

The formula adopted for the REFLEXSYSTEM® pads, innovative and Made in Italy, is the extrabounce of XL EXTRALIGHT®️. A superlight, flexible, shock-absorbing and high rebound material from FINPROJECT S.p.A. Group.

FESSURA has always take care to the needs of its customers. Not surprisingly, RUNFLEX® has been designed with the needs of not only those who enjoy long walks in mind, but also those who are looking for a high-performance product that fits into everyday life.


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