FESSURA SS24: scopri la nuova campagna ambientata a Milano

FESSURA SS24: discover the new campaign set in Milan

Don't miss the shots of the new collection!
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The golden light of sunset reflecting off the facades of palaces, cobblestone alleys telling ancient stories, outdoor cafes enlivened by chatter and laughter. In bustling Milan, fashion and style combine with modern architecture and urban energy.

This is precisely where the latest campaign by Fessura comes to life, immortalizing the SS24 collection: the sneakers trace the essence of the metropolis that never sleeps, offering a perfect balance between glamour and innovation. In fact, distinguished for their comfort and functionality, they are ideal to face, with style, the speed of contemporaneity.

Through a series of incredible shots, discover our new collection and immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of Milan, where every corner tells a story of fashion and innovation.

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