Everyone can be energy in motion: la nuova mini-campagna Fessura

Everyone can be energy in motion: the new Fessura mini-campaign

Fessura's new mini-campaign, starring Fessura Runflex, celebrates the democratic approach to running, an activity that can bring people together and create community.
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Fessura's new mini-campaign celebrates the spontaneous, democratic and casual approach to running, an activity capable of bringing people together and creating community.

It is no coincidence that the undisputed star of the shots is precisely Fessura Runflex, the perfect shoe for those who love long walks and for those looking for a performance product, adapting sneakers to everyday life.

The goal of the shoot is to promote with a touch of irony and lightness a way of approaching running that is open to everyone, regardless of experience level.
The focus is on sharing the passion for sports, with full respect for different characteristics, for an extraordinary opportunity for growth.

Considering that the line between sports and fashion is increasingly blurred, it is essential to find an optimal sneaker to enjoy running safely and efficiently. Choose Fessura Runflex to focus on a design that combines glam and comfort, revealing an irresistible and unexpectedly versatile soul that make it ideal for any situation.