Take Your Trail: scopri la nuova mini-campagna Fessura

Take Your Trail: discover the new Fessura mini-campaign

Take Your Trail tells of the new RUNFLEX #02, a must-have accessory and reinterpretation of a timeless model.

Exploring. Surrender to curiosity. Discovering. These are the instincts that inspire and guide "Take Your Trail", the new Fessura mini-campaign.
The images place the new RUNFLEX #02 model within a context where reality coexists with fantasy, highlighting different personalities and echoing seemingly distant environments.

The RUNFLEX #02 represent a new freshness, a reinterpretation of a timeless model, where there is room both for color energy, ready to make even the most classic outfits vibrate, and for more muted palettes.
A cult, well recognizable thanks to the breathable fabric and details in a contrasting shade to the upper.

Even the setting of the shots, a pristine nature, perfectly reflects the many facets and essence of the new sneakers by Fessura. In fact, dynamism and movement are the undisputed protagonists of the photo campaign.

What are you waiting for? Welcome to the future of fashion!
Discover Runflex #02 and embrace Fessura, a cutting-edge brand, a symbol of belonging that binds all who wear it.