Il marchio Fessura fa il restyling

Fessura logo gets a restyling

Fessura implements the graphic restyling of the Brand by enhancing its identity.
Fessura implements the graphic restyling of the Brand, enhancing its identity and dynamic nature.
The new brand captures aspects of the brand and tells them through compact lettering and graphic choices for the SLOT, with more powerful graphic sign that defines its horizontal cut.
The roots of Slot emerge from the meaning of Word and Sign, metaphorical and symbolic elements.
They represent an achievement, a horizon that we set out not only to reach, but to surpass. Indeed, the Brand, always a pioneer and change-maker, is constantly seeking change, rewriting the present by combining Design and Functionality, through innovative and patented products.
The iconographic power of the Brand is therefore immediate, symbolizing a horizon to be explored and the boundary we must surpass.
In addition, the Slogan " We are Energy in Motion we make Comfortable Innovation" reflects its complex nature and continuous quest for transformation.