Assemblea dei soci Fessura: approvazione progetto bilancio 2022 e piani strategici 2023

Fessura shareholders' meeting: approval of draft budget 2022 and strategic plans 2023

On May 12, the Fessura shareholders' meeting was held, at which the draft '22 budget was unanimously approved and strategic plans for '23 were presented.
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"We are very pleased with the result achieved, the Group's total revenues exceeded 4 Million Euros, up 93% compared to 2021. Even more important is to see the quality of these numbers: the growth, in fact, was driven by the restart of the B2B channel and the new push of B2C channels, with excellent results in all product categories.
We are reaping the first results that are the fruit of the medium-term strategy that we launched after the capital increase last September 2021, which has as its main objective to increase the Brand's Awareness and territorial presence. We note with pleasure that customers increasingly appreciate our proposal of lines with high design content and innovation at low prices . We are continuing the development policy in the distribution network, including in new markets, and we want very carefully to improve organic growth. We are also increasingly developing our marketing and communication team, with a focus on the digital world, to become the reference of the Modern Family segment with an increasingly cross-sectional product offering. Considering the excellent start of the season, we are very confident about the Group's future results."

The company is considering a new capital opening with a Bridge Round to give even more boost to the growth plan.
The goal is for Fessura to become an even better known and benchmark brand.